“Curriculum Vitae” – a resume for those of us in the academic world. As of Nov 13, 2012 this still needs some tweaking.


2003-present: Freelance educator / musician / accompanist / keyboardist / sound designer / computer consultant / web designer / church musician billed as the MaconMacGuy and the MacMusicGuy.

  • Adjunct Faculty, Macon State College Music Department:

◦                     teach applied piano

◦                     teach music appreciation

◦                     accompany the Chamber Singers

◦                     Have done consulting & training re: classroom Pro Tools recording systems

◦                     Produce practice tracks for the choir that are posted online

◦                     Have had one student compete in the Macon Symphony’s Concerto competition twice.

  • Adjunct Faculty, Mercer University Computer Science Department:

◦                     Taught CSC125: Beginning Computers 2003-2011

▪                     using a variety of in-class and online techniques.

▪                     Emphasis on getting beyond the buttons to the “why”, and using the computer as a tool to get work done.

▪                     Microsoft Office, Alice, Online Office tools, Search processes, etc.

  • Educator:

◦                     teach private piano, music technology, music theory to students and adults at Young America Music School.

  • Musician:

◦                     Keyboardist/sound designer &/or arranger for

▪                     the Joey Stuckey Band,

▪                     the Mosely Dixon Project, and

▪                     GA Cabaret with Dr. Martha Malone.  Wide variety of styles, from pop/country/jazz to 20th Century art songs.

◦                     Perform over 2 dozen times a year IN ADDITION TO the Northway Church performances with a variety of musicians, situations, and styles

◦                     Have credits on over a dozen commercially produced albums as producer or keyboardist &/or arranger

◦                     ASCAP catalog has well over 80 songs listed

◦                     Have music placed in several libraries


▪                     WAP Publishing


▪                     Renegade Music Marketing

◦                     Have original music available online in several locations – see list on last page

◦                     Run and operate a small project recording studio

  • Accompanist

◦                     2 voice recitals by Rebecca Lanning (performed at Macon State, Georgia Southwestern, Litte Carnegie of the South) – 2008, 2009

◦                     14 concerts given by the Macon State Chamber Singers.

▪                     Material has included

  • Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes
  • J.S. Bach Cantata #140
  • Leavitt Missa Festiva
  • Ramirez Missa Criolla
  • Rutter Gloria
  • Haydn Lord Nelson Mass
  • Rutter A Sprig of Thyme
  • Vivaldi Gloria
  • Whitacre Five Hebrew Love Songs
  • …plus many other works

◦                     Staff accompanist for 8 Mercer University voice students at the Spring 2011 NATS competition

  • Computer Consultant

◦                     web design, tech support, network troubleshooting, online services & marketing for several clients

◦                     web hosting through MidGaHosting

◦                     Webmaster for several sites – see list on last page

  • Church Musician

◦                     Staff keyboardist at Northway Church & its predecessors 1994-2012.

◦                     Currently perform over 100 times a year on a multi-keyboard stack.

◦                     Started the contemporary band

◦                     Arranged dozens of hymns for contemporary band

◦                     Designed the keyboard stack

◦                     Have done tons of keyboard programming

◦                     Produced/arranged 2 albums with the band tom&co

◦                     Have at times done everything from produce graphics for the service CDs, programming the LED sign out by the street, & wrangling the PA system into submission.

◦                     Recently involved with purchasing, configuring, and operating an Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing board

  • Adjudicator

◦                     Judged the Literary Meet Piano contestants for Mount de Sales Academy in 2009, 2010, 2011

◦                     Judged the Piano competition for GISA Literary meet 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

◦                     Judge for the Macon Morning Music Club Joseph Maerz Music Scholarship competition 2008, 2010

1997-2003: Co-technology Coordinator, Mount de Sales Academy
(Catholic Middle/High School in Macon, GA)

  • Taught Technology related classes

◦                     Web Design

◦                     Computer Applications

◦                     Keyboarding for both middle and high school

◦                     Developed own curriculum for all classes taught

  • Tech support

◦                     for faculty computers

◦                     4 servers – MacOS and Linux

◦                     2 computer labs – Windows

◦                     2 laptop wireless labs – MAC OS

◦                     Network had well over 150 nodes. 100BaseT in-building, fiber between buildings.

  • Published series of articles on September 2001

◦                     Covered day-today IT operations  at a private high school

  • Provided faculty training classes, tech skills development on as-needed basis.
  • Shot and edited sports video for wrestling team
  • Played keyboards for Mass
  • Accompanied the Choirs at performances
  • Classes taught:

1990-1997: Macon State College, Coordinator of the Music Department

◦                     applied piano

◦                     music theory

◦                     music appreciation

◦                     sightsinging

◦                     music technology courses, including multitrack digital recording

▪                     developed the curriculum for all music tech courses

  • Music directed & performed in all Spring semester musicals 1991-1997.
  • Founded and developed the James T. Bass Jr. Center for Music Technology

◦                     12 station audio AND data networked Mac music lab

◦                     Each station had software for

▪                     notation

▪                     music theory drill and skill development

▪                     sightsinging drill and skill development

▪                     sequencing

▪                     digital sampling

▪                     digital synthesis

◦                     Lab also had multitrack digital audio and stereo analog recording capabilities

  • Assisted in the Grant process

◦                     received over $80,000 over 4 years to purchase equipment, furniture, and software.

  • Published article in the Macon State Faculty Journal about the Bass Center.
  • Also responsible for

◦                     Dept. marketing

◦                     adjuncts management

◦                     special events

◦                     and various other duties

1988-1990: Chattanooga State Technical Community College Music Faculty
(2 year school, Chattanooga, TN)

  • Classes taught:

◦                     Music Theory

◦                     Sightsinging/Ear Training

◦                     Applied piano

◦                     Jazz band

▪                     wrote and/or arranged many of the pieces performed

◦                     Concert Choir

◦                     Show Choir

◦                     Music Appreciation

  • Music director, keyboardist for 2 musicals
  • Also involved in

◦                     departmental marketing

▪                     wrote, recorded, and produced marketing cassette sent to area high school music departments

◦                     providing computer tech support, computer training for the Humanities Division

◦                     facilities management for the departmental spaces and auditorium


M.M. Music [Piano Performance] University of South Carolina, magna cum laude
Primary Teachers: Dr. Raymond Dudley, Dr. John Williams
Graduate Assistant – Band leader, arranger, Carolina Alive! Directed by Dr. Richard Conant.
30-50 performances per year

B.M.Music [Piano Performance] University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, magna cum laude
Primary Teacher: Dr. Earl Miller
Won the MTNA Collegiate Division Piano Statewide Competition in 1981


Additional credit courses taken at:

Neumann College

Radford University

Georgia State

in educational development and music technology.


Additional non-credit courses taken in web design, programming languages, graphic design, and others.


Web Locations

General Info – used for career-related announcements

Online Music Teaching – Offering online keyboard lessons via Skype

Class-related sites – Macon State Music Appreciation class blog – blog used with the Mercer computer science class – practice tracks for use by the Chamber Singers

Original Music Available – charts, sheet music, mp3s, CDs, and choir practice tracks

Music Libraries

Performing groups

Music Samples

Live: Rule_ Live performances.mp3

Project Studio: Rule_ Project Studio Samples.mp3

Commercial Studio: Rule_ Commercial Studio Samples.mp3

Technology / Internet– includes many blog articles


Techrepublic article series

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Webmaster for the following sites (besides my own websites)



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