AS I type this it really is hard to believe it’s been 2 years since MIXTURE was released. Joey’s album hit #9 on the CMJ Jazz charts – we were ahead of artists like Lee Ritenour for a while there.

I was cleaning out the hard drive and ran across these pictures from the recording sessions taken at Joey’s ShadowSound Studio, so I though I’d post them. Enjoy!

….and if you’d like more of MIXTURE, you can watch the MIXTUREcast and even purchase the album [or individual tracks, for that matter], over at joeystuckey.blogspot.com.

The Rig at Northway church in Macon

Tom Rule @ Northway I was on the staff at Northway church [and its predecessor organizations] for 18 years. This is a shot taken during a Sunday service of probably my favorite ‘low budget’ rig. I had a Casio Privia, Roland RD600, Fatar controller from 1995 or so driving an Alesis QR rack with a couple of expansion cards, a smaller little Roland controller that I used for some special effects, plus a genuine vintage 1971 Fender Rhodes that was in AWESOME shape – I ran it through a vintage Boss CE-2 chorus or good measure.

There was a lot of possibilities as far as adding to the guitar-driven music, and I was able to essentially do “live orchestration” during the service. I had around 272 keys, 5 pedals, plus a small Mackie mixer for submixing, and had a ball.

With the Joey Stuckey Band in Storm Lake, IA

Tom Rule Witht eh Joey Stuckey Band in Storm Lake,,Ohio

This was back in 2008 – the Joey Stuckey Band had a gig at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA. It was an awesome time, and an incredibly well-taken-care-of piano that I got to play. That’s a Roland keyboard on my right – at times I would play both during the concert.


I love the composition on this shot – and the black-and-white just adds a cool vibe to it that matches what we felt when we played the concert that night.

Summer NAMM 2013

I attended the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. One of the booths was having a contest to win a midi controller – play one key as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Sadly, I can in third. Oh, well!

I’m looking on while Wanda Patrick [who teaches at Young America Music in Macon, as do I] is banging away at it.

me and wanda at NAMM 2013 B
Click the picture to see the whole thing.

The original was posted HERE.

Yams Jam session 2-19-2013

Jam Session held at Young America Music [where I teach piano/keyboards and such] held on February 19, 2013.  A lot of the “old road dogs” came out to play – there was some INCREDIBLE jazz played [and a kickin version of Mustang Sally as well!]

Tons of fun, let me tell ya……..


Yams Jam 2-19-13 D

Yams Jam 2-19-13 C

Yams Jam 2-19-13 B

Yams Jam 2-19-13 A


Joey Stuckey Band on the Smashmouth stage

We performed in Jacksonville, FL as one of the bands opening for Smashmouth. Phenomenal sound system, and a lot of fun!

Joey Stuckey Band in Jacksonville, FL

From Left to right: Tom Rule, Joey Stuckey, Mark Williams

Joey Stuckey Band in Jacksonville, FL

Joey Stuckey Band in Jacksonville, FL

Mark Williams, Joey Stuckey, Bird Wyatt, Tom Rule

Joey Stuckey Band at the Georgia Aquarium

We performed as a part of a Disability Awareness event in the main hall at the Georgia Aquarium in February of 2010 – a pretty cool venue!

Tom Rule with the Joey Stuckey Band at the Georgia Aquarium

Sister to Sister Band

Sister to Sister was a Women’s conference done for several years in Macon, GA. [Oddly enough, the band was all guys.] These were taken when the event took place at Macon’s City Auditorium in the Fall of 2009.

The band had drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric, & lead piano. I played what i call “second keys”, which means that I covered all the other sounds – strings, EP, B3 organ, pipe organ, pads – whatever was called for. That’s a Roland RD-700sx with 2 expansion cards that I’m playing.

Tom Rule playing in the band at a Sister to Sister event

Tom Rule playing in the band at a Sister to Sister event

Tom Rule playing in the band at a Sister to Sister event


Joey Stuckey Band CD Release party

Taken during the CD Release party performed at Macon State College [now known as middle Georgia State].

Joey Stuckey Band @ Macon State College

Joey Stuckey Band @ Macon State College

Joey Stuckey Band @ Macon State College

Joey Stuckey Band @ Macon State College

Cloud 9 Orchestra in Birmingham

Here are a couple of shots from a performance with the Cloud 9 Orchestra, performing in Birmingham, AL in August, 2012.

Tom RUle performs with the Cloud 9 Orchestra

2012 Cloud 9 Orchestra High Five Bham