The Rig at Northway church in Macon

Tom Rule @ Northway I was on the staff at Northway church [and its predecessor organizations] for 18 years. This is a shot taken during a Sunday service of probably my favorite ‘low budget’ rig. I had a Casio Privia, Roland RD600, Fatar controller from 1995 or so driving an Alesis QR rack with a couple of expansion cards, a smaller little Roland controller that I used for some special effects, plus a genuine vintage 1971 Fender Rhodes that was in AWESOME shape – I ran it through a vintage Boss CE-2 chorus or good measure.

There was a lot of possibilities as far as adding to the guitar-driven music, and I was able to essentially do “live orchestration” during the service. I had around 272 keys, 5 pedals, plus a small Mackie mixer for submixing, and had a ball.

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