David Klee project update

Wow, this is fun. David’s music is accessible – and on the surface very easy to “get” – but very catchy and listenable multiple times.

That’s a tough thing to attain!

I’ve been enjoying working on this – have finished & uploaded #1 and #2 (the tunes are as yet unnamed, as far as I know).

#1 is medium-tempo & latin-tinged, and features a flute duet. David’s flute sounds AWESOME.

#2 is a slower ballad, with some interesting and tricky chords. I spent some time making the accompaniment flow just right. I also added a pad behind everything that was 3 layers, including a phased rhodes sound that should sit just so in the mix.

For #3 and #4 I tried an experiment – recording an acoustic piano (a beat-up Steinway over in the piano studio at Macon State) using a mid-side (aka Blumlein) technique with a Cascade Fat Head ribbon paired with a “no-name” pencil condensor mic.

I haven’t had a chance to really listen to it yet, although I am happy with what I played. I also recorded another version in the Young America Music piano studio, on a casio digital piano (using Studio Vision on a Mac OS9 machine). That midi file will drive my Roland Rd700sx for teh piano sound, if I choose to keep that track.

So I’ll have 3 versions to pick and choose from. Should be interesting!

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