Tidbits from the Weird World of Tom

Just a quick update and a few tidbits:

  1. I’ve posted several new episodes of “Tom Rule’s Music Stuff” – my podcast which is also a part of Joey Stuckey’s AudioStyle music magazine [which airs as part of the Artist First network.

    It’s a place for me to talk about this creative life – and teaching – and music – and whatever else pops into my odd brain. It’s worth the 5 minutes spent listening [in my humble and somewhat accurate opinion!].

  2. I did have a heart surgeon once look right at me and say, “It must be scary inside your head.”…..I also have a medically verified hole in my brain. I do not, however, know what that means!
  3. You can subscribe to the podcast, and get an email when a new episode gets posted. Add your email to the subscribe box on the MusicStuff section.

    You can also subscribe in iTunes – but sadly not through the iTunes store. There are seriously-geeky reasons why, and it would take too much time to try and figure out a solution. I have a paying gig to get to! I have posted the “subscribe manually in iTunes” instruction over on the main MusicStuff page, though. It’s copy/paste easy!

  4. I’ve been having fun over on StreetJelly.com lately. It’s an “online busking” site where people can perform live online – no recordings! – and viewers can tip them real money. It’s an interesting little community – some of the performers are pretty good, others not so much – but there is certainly a variety of music available.

    One of my favorite performers is a very low-key Latino singer/guitarist performing from Ireland. Really!

  5. I’ve been creating  a new album from some live recordings at church lately, and posting them to the online store. They are improvised preludes based on a variety of church hymns – several of the tracks are two different versions of the same hymn. Sometimes the 9 am service and the 11:15 service versions are quite different. Swing on over and take a listen!

That’s enough news for the moment. Time to get some other work done – or maybe I should practice – or there’s that tshirt design I’ve been working on for HamSandwichTees.com – or maybe some lunch…….

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