Let’s all start a new [pointless] Internet Trend!

I was thinking the other day about all the pointless internet memes/trends/”hot new thing” we’ve seen over the years, and thought “hey, I could start something”.

So here it is.


My friend Joey Stuckey has an internet radio program called AudioStyle. You’ve seen me mention it here a time or two – I was interviewed for it a couple of times, and my podcast Tom Rule’s Music Stuff also airs on the show.

The show goes out on the Artist First Radio network, so it has some significant listenership.

A couple of months ago Joey and his publicist got in touch with the comedian Eugene Mirman – who politely [but concisely] turned him down to appear on the show. Since then the guys have made it a “thing” to send a plea to Eugene during every show, trying to get him to appear on AudioStyle.

Here’s YOUR CHANCE to become part of something big, internet-related, and absolutely pointless [and therefore much more fun]. JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP, Share it on your wall, spread the word, and let’s see what can happen.

Who knows, we might get some blog coverage, radio or TV coverage, pick up a reality show, or even reach the Holy Grail – be noticed by Eugene himself.


Wouldn’t this be the PERFECT way to begin summer?

Let's Get Eugene Mirman on AudioStyle with Joey Stuckey!

Eugene Mirman, as if you didn’t already know!

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