A gig adventure

Last Friday I was playing a gig at Carlyle Place, a really nice retirement center, with 5 other guys that are PHENOMENAL musicians. I hadn’t played with Ken Trimmins or K’mo in a while – or Dr. Edward Clark either – and I was really looking forward to the gig.

I’ve played there many times over the past few years, and i’ve always played their baby grand. It’s a pretty decent instrument – so I packed up my keyboard and left it down at church Wednesday, given that the big Christmas Thing was happening Sunday, and this way I had zero equipment setup to do Sunday morning.

Edward, on the other hand, has ALSO played there many times, and has NEVER used the piano….. and neither one of us thought to ask the question.

So I’m taking my time getting there – it’s only about 5 minutes from my house – and Edward calls, a little concerned that I haven’t left myself anytime time for equipment setup. It was THEN that we realized we had a problem – my standard rig was totally unavailable, and I had left almost all of my gear down at the church.




I have a Korg DW8000 that I purchased new back in ’86 or so – yes, it still works! I use it in the studio for some analog songs. Edward fortunately had an am input – he was using a powered monitor for some mic work, but it also had a line input.

I also had an iPad, and iPad midi interface…..and Garageband.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen, I played a professional jazz gig using a 20-something year old keyboard and the Garageband piano.

…..and it worked.


I laughed all the way home about it.

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