It’s off to work [the studio] I go…….

Thought I’d post a quick update about the new album. It looks like it will be primarily piano [I know….DUH!] but I’m working on including a bunch of sonic surprises in the tracks.

I’ve landed on 8 tunes so far I want to record – all but two of them are new. The 2 haven’t been officially recorded before, though I’ve been playing them for years. There IS going to be a couple of original tunes – i.e. NOT arrangements to tunes you’ve heard before.

Hopefully they will come out well.

I’m posting pictures of my notebook when I get a notion to the Tom Tribe members. It’s free to join – just surf over to and add your name to the list. You’ll stay in the loop then with the occasional update sent to your inbox!

Hmmmmm…. should I mention that Tribe members are going to be able to pick up the digital copy of the album at a good discount when it’s finally released?

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