merry CHRISTmas!

Despite the ‘best laid plans’, the new album will have to wait until Fall 2015 to be released. I was really hoping to get it completed, but life got seriously in the way of the writing and recording process – and I’m at the age where the quality of the album takes precedence over it’s mere existence.

There’s too much throwaway music out there already, and life is too short to spend too much time creating more.

I’ve already got 2 additional tracks to add to the album that are in the concept stage. The arrangement of “Break Forth” should be very interesting, and an unusual take on a very old Christmas song that you rarely hear on the radio. There is also an original tune that I’ve been struggling to make right – it is slowly coming together on paper………and I have finished recording the tracks for “Love came down at Christmas” – a tune I found in the Hymnal we use at church that I’d never heard. It’s an Irish/Gaelic tune that feels like a children’s melody. The album version uses multiple recorders, and has quite a nice feel to it.

Sometimes the stew is better if it sets a while on the stove. I hope the same is true for this album.

I still think the holiday should be called CHRISTmas.

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