Help Needed: What do I call this?

I need your help!

As happens sometimes in the studio, Joey  Stuckey [aka “the producer”] took advantage of a situation I found my self in. I had recorded 2 of the solo piano tracks yesterday and was ready to start on the third – and discovered that it sounded REALLY similar to one I’d already recorded. Similar key, mood, style – just different melody.

Well, given we’re trying to create some musical magic – that’s our benchmark for when I’ve done a good take – it would just not work well to have to things THAT similar.

So I plopped my carcass on the piano bench and “came up with something” – that then took FIVE takes to get recorded.

PROBLEM: What to call this thing?

It combines

  • Good Christian Men Rejoice
  • Angels From the Realms of Glory
  • O Sacred Head Now Wounded
  • …and even has a hint of Silent Night

Send me a message with your ideas! I’ll do something nice if anyone comes up with something I use!

Best email for this purpose is

Thanks for the help!

Here’s what I was looking at while playing:

Title needed for one of the tracks on Tom Rule's al;bum It Should Be Called CHRISTmas

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