Album update – Labor Day

I’ve always though it a bit ironic that Labor Day was a day off……but I digress.……

We took a week off from the mixing process – Joey got out of town for a few days on a well-deserved vacation……which worked well for me because I was absolutely exhausted and needed a break myself from it.

At this point we have three songs yet to mix, and they will be the biggest challenges because they are the full band songs. 

‘Full band’ in this case means drums, bass, sax, cello, and piano.

Probably I’m most excited (and fearful) about the original tune we’ll be mixing last – It’s CHRISTmas!. Excited because it will be cool to finally hear it in it’s final form for the album – fearful because it will not be as good as it it in my head.

Here’s a picture of the B section from my original rough draft.


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