Key Signatures & Scales

Downloadable sheets:

Key Signature Quiz – lots more fun than me quizzing you in the lesson!

Here’s another one

Note reading

Online Flash Cards – online flash cards to help you identify what key is which note.

Ear training – set options on the right, then make selection on the left menu. – online thing to aurally ID intervals


Multiple Areas – Drills to practice building and identifying chords, scales, key signatures, note names, even rhythms.

The Music Theory Minute – Yes, you can learn something in 60 seconds. – has Lessons (explanations), Trainers (exercises and practice), & Utilities (including a staff paper generator). Includes both directions, i.e. has exercises for you to identify notes/chords/intervals with your eye AND with your ear,

  • Lessons
  • Exercises – pick from a list of things to work on!
  • Tools – including a popup piano keyboard, chord calculator, staff paper generator, etc.
  • The Classic version – in case your machine can’t handle the newer version – nice site for the basics – flash-based site with several exercises, including rhythmic dictation, notes, intervals, scales, key signatures, chords, harmonic functions, and even jazz.

Dolmetsch Online – college level music theory notes. Yes, you can read it and understand it! The “1000+ scales” section is interesting.

Baylor School of Music – several links to additional sites

Phil Rees Music Theory links – exactly what it says.

Tons of Music games

MUSIC THEORY ONLINE – a paid site that gets you ramped up for college Music Theory.


Software – list of shareware & freeware


Scores for download

The Mutopia Project

Project Gutenberg – Sheet Music

Chopsticks: Click to see a bigger version.

Chopsticks arranged by Tom Rule

Chopsticks arranged by Tom Rule