Music and Technology: Another Change

A personal example of how the ‘net has changed the doing of music – and how little things can cascade into something else:

My band (tom&co) has had an album available on CD Baby since it came out in 2003.

A few months ago a guy in Texas was perusing CD Baby, and came across our page. He contacted me about putting our album on HIS e-commerce site,, which I was happy to allow.

A few weeks later an Australian DJ from PBS-FM’s The Gospel Show emailed asking the artists to send down some copies – which I did.

2 weeks ago someone from Australia order a copy of our CD because they heard Emmanuel on aradio station in Melbourne.

None of this would have been possible without the Web and a whole host of other technologies.

ooooooh, I made 9 cents because of my ASCAP affiliation. Woohoo!

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