Making a CD: Recording in the Lesson – Adventures galore!

Looking back, it was interesting at the different approaches I had to take getting teh recording done. All of my students had seen me use that old Mac Classic before, and they all knew it would “record” their performances – i use it fairly regularly to help them hear their mistakes. This took the novelty factor down a bit.

With 9 year olds and older I could treat the lesson as a regular recording session. I would start the recording, and they would start the take whenever they were ready (a serious advantage of using MIDI). If there was a false start, I just told them to try again, while letting the sequencer roll.

Duet parts I generally recorded right after their parts were recorded. This way I didn’t have to try and recreate them later using music I didn’t have. I didn’t try for exact timing with their part – just tried to get the exact right notes, and get kinda close on timing. (I fixed the duet part timing later in the outhouse.)

My younger kids presented quite a challenge. In particular I have a pair of 5 year old twins who were real excited at recording, so getting them to focus and actually DO the recording took some doing. They finally did a good job, but the duet parts were real rushed, and took a bit of editing later to make functional.

With everyone recorded, it was time to put the files onto a floppy and transfer them down to the outhouse machine…..but that’s a story for another entry.

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