Teaching Youngsters and Herding Cats

Some of the kids I teach are fascinating. Some days, they are all focused on
playing the piano. Others, you might as well be at the zoo.

Now, some of my teachers growing up were, compared to the way I teach, very
standoffish. I would play, they would make a comment or two, and we would
move on. I remember having more conversations as I got into High School, and
it became apparent I was going to major in music.

I would say I am an active teacher. I treat a lesson more like a rehearsal –
the student and I are working together to improve their skill. I guess the
best sports analogy is that I’m the coach (but a coach that can STILL play
the sport!).

But some days – and with a couple of my students, it’s every day – you have
to go with the flow. I want them to remain excited about piano, but also to
get something done (hey, that’s what their parents are PAYING me for!). So I
listen to the stories about their day at school – and indeed, ask them how
things are…and we play.

Some days it’s more playing. Some days it’s more talking.

Some days I’m teaching piano. Some days I’m herding cats.

It is never boring, though.

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