Putting music “out there”

This is my latest thing to try – putting my music “out there” in the marketplace. Now, I’m nowhere near “signing a label contract” – nor am I interested in that. For that matter, a label wouldn’t be interested in what I do anyway, so it all works out!

I’ve put tracks from the two tom&co albums into snocap – so anyone can purchase and download tracks from both albums.

Seasons has been available since 2003 at cdbaby. I placed Brethren – our first album from 1999 – on cdbaby in the fall of 07, but didn’t want to make it available digitally because two of the tunes are covers. The amount of paperwork to keep track of when selling covers online is more trouble than its worth fro may particular project. However, using Snocap means I can pick and choose which tracks are available, which is nice.

So this is yet another experiment in using technology in music. It has the added benefit of being able to tell the tale to my music classes, and makes things interesting.

You can never tell what I’ll put up in my Snocap store. As of this writing it’s only tom&co stuff, but there will be different things down the road.

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