My, how technology has changed Music Appreciation

At the risk of sounding like an old geezer…… this came to mind as I taught my last Music App class of the semester.

My first Music App classes were taught using LPs – the CD had only just been introduced, and of course new tech takes FOREVER to weasel its way into educational settings. Finding particular passages was a royal pain, and seriously interrupted the flow of the class. Cassettes were more portable, but didn’t sound nearly as good (we had a bad cassettee deck).

Fast forward (ahem) several years. Today I used video from YouTube, video I’d stashed on a server, a CD that I’d collated myself froma variety of sources to use in teaching, and my iTunes library from the computer down the hall – audio streamed over the network – all to demonstrate jazz.

This makes for much less downtime in class – but demands far more prep time outside of class.

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