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by the macmusicguy.

First, a quick introduction. I have umpteen years experience performing piano and keyboards all over the country with various groups. I studied piano at the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga (a.k.a. UTC) with Earl Miller, and at the University of South Carolina with Dr. Raymond Dudley and Dr. John Williams. I also studied piano pedagogy with Dr. Max Camp.

It’s telling, I think, that three of the four teachers mentioned are now dead.

I am or have taught piano at Chattanooga State Technical Community College, Macon State College, and in my own private studio.

I also play with several bands, and have a fair amount of recording, writing , and arranging experience….and I’m an ASCAP writer.

So what is this blog for? I’ll be adding entries about all things piano related- whether it’s teaching teachniques, music reviews, technology tips…. it’s all fair game.

The purpose? I’d like to start a dialog with piano teachers – especially teachers just beginning to teach. I’ve picked up some techniques I want to pass along (plus as i set them in the blog I can refer to them when I forget them!), and express some opinions along the way.

………and maybe you will also see something interesting in the Google ads at some point. If you click on one, remember to smile because you just helped support a hungry musian with teenaged mouths to feed!

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