This is the synopsis of my history – check out the dropdown under the Bio link above for more details and writeups.

Solo pianist at concerts, weddings and events (lots of jazz, pop, light classical).
Performed almost every Sunday with tom&co, the praise band at Vineville North Baptist (now Northway Church) (NOT your average praise band!)….then morphed into a standard guitar-driven praise band. Played for 18 years, until Spring 2012. Now am Staff pianist/Keyboardist at First Presbyterian Church, Macon, GA
Keyboardist for the Joey Stuckey Band (rock, country, jazz), the Mosely Dixon project & the Bob Huellemeir orchestra (swing, big band, swing era pop tunes).
Music Director/keyboardist for 10 community & college theatre musical productions in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.
Accompanist, Macon State Chamber Singers, 2003-present.
Formerly was on-call keyboardist for the Grapevine, a popular middle Georgia oldies band.

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Teach private keyboard and piano lessons at Young America Music School – students of all ages (5 to 85). One of my former students who is a French horn performance major at Florida State  just tested out of all 8 semesters of piano proficiency requirements.
Have over 15 years experience teaching piano and other music courses at the college level (Macon State College and Chattanooga State Technical Community College). Had one student compete in the Macon Symphony College Concerto competition twice, in 2006 & 2007.
Founded the James T. Bass jr. Center for Music Technology at Macon State (now defunct).
Earned a Masters Degree in Piano Performance from the University of South Carolina (studied with John Williams). The Bachelors in Music in Piano Performance was earned at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (studied with Earl Miller).


Have writing, keyboard performing, arranging, sound design, production credits on well over a dozen albums.
Arrangements and/or keyboard for ACCESSIBLE DEPTH, MIXTURE, tom&co, Cathead Dooley, Skeebo Knight, plus recordings by Joey Stuckey and the Bob Huellemeir Orchestra. The Blessed Blend album “Journeys through the Mist”. Also had a hand in the Grammy-nominated audiobook by Ed Grisamore
Styles include jazz, rock, country, pop, new age, classical, and several “et ceteras”.

Arranging and Writing

Have co-written and/or arranged music that has been performed in Macon and elsewhere.
Co-producer/co-arranger-co-writer for all the tunes on MIXTURE.
Writer/arranger/performer for all tunes on ACCESSIBLE DEPTH.
Arranger and producer for Seasons by tom&co, which received airplay in North America and Australia, and was featured on the Oasis CD’s Christmas 2004 Acoustic Sampler and played on the internet radio show Joey Stuckey’s Audio-Style. A track from Seasons was also selected for inclusion into a CD produced for an Australian public radio membership drive in 2006.
Wrote the music and produced the recording for Vineville Baptist’s Vacation Bible Xtreme in 2005, 2006, and 2007. (The recording was done in-house on equipment at the church and in his studio).
Have also worked on jingles for Douglas County, Vineville North Baptist, others.

You can hear a lot of Tom’s original recordings on

Has received the ASCAPlus award from ASCAP every year since 2002 for public performances of original music.

Jobs and regular gigs

Staff Pianist at First Presbyterian Church in Macon, GA – 2012 to present.
Adjunct music Faculty, Macon State College, 2003-present
Praise band director and audio editor, Vineville North Baptist, 1994-2012
Head, Music Department, Macon State, 1990-1997
Keyboardist, Bob Huellemeir Orchestra (since 1992)
Keyboardist, Joey Stuckey Band (since 2000).
Technical Director, Vineville North Baptist, 2004 – 2006.


Music Teaching

Music Performance & Business

Web &

Computer work

MaconState.blogspot.comBlog for the Music Appreciation class I teach

From my site – the page I setup for my private students

The store where I teach private lessons


MacMusicGuy.comMy webstore with compostions, charts, audio

GACabaret is an old-style Cabaret act with two musicians and a pair of very odd senses of humor.

Three guys playing a quartet (since I cover keys AND bass). Lots of jazz, several originals.

The original praise band at Vineville Baptist. Founded in 1994.  Recorded 2 albums of music that is bodacious for your brain…..NOT your ordinary praise band!

The primary site for info about me. Is in bad need of a redesign, but I have too much music to get written.

Blog I’m using for career & latest project  announcements.

Many of my tracks are posted here.


….also have several tracks over at and at WAP Publishing.

MaconMacGuy.comWeb design and Tech support, focused on small business in the area.

Quality, inexensive hosting

The blog for the computer class I taught at Mercer for several years. On hiatus at the moment [budget cuts]

Original designs by myself or my 17 year old son put on Shirts & Mugs & phone cases, etc. Some are music related, some true, some just silly.

Practice tracks produced for the Macon State Chamber Singers, which I accompany. I have also engineered the performance recordings on occasion, which are posted to the site as well.