Accessible Depth

A culmination of over a year’s worth of writing and recording, Accessible Depth is an instrumental album that reflects Tom’s belief that good music can be both accessible [listenable] and deep at the same time. This music will withstand multiple listens – that’s the “depth” part of the equation. There is some significant ear candy in these tracks, if you’ll listen for it!

Tom says, “I have been gifted with the musical flexibility to live in several worlds – ‘classical’, pop, jazz, educational, rock, country, etc. While I enjoy an eclectic array of music, it has long been a point of frustration that so much music lacks imagination and creativity and depth. On the other hand, the 20th century experimental composers were trying to maintain some depth – but many of the experiments would never have an audience.

…and without an audience, what’s the point?

So this album is an attempt to create accessible music – i.e. that is eminently listenable – but that can withstand multiple listens because you keep finding additional interesting tidbits – ‘ear candy’. ”

This is all keyboard-based instrumental music, almost all of it is original [and the two arrangements are original], and the production process was interesting as the album came together. All the details are over at

What style is it? in Tom’s words, “I have no idea. Take a listen to it and send me an email with your opinion!

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