A place to stash some nice things people have said about me or my music.

Most websites call them testimonials, but that term seems too presumptuous to me!

  • “Wonderful job on those soundtracks!……I wish I could play piano HALF as good as you!”
       — 10/2/12 Judi K
  • “The best pianist ever!! You were awesome last night!!! 🙂 ”
    — 4/14/12 Logan B
  • “A brilliant menagerie of taste, skill, and almost extinct finesse.”
    — 1/24/13 Chip M.
  • “Tom is an AMAZING talent on the piano or keyboard!!!!!”
    — 1/28/13 Rita O.
  • “listened to your music…awesome…very enjoyable..good job!! You are a talented musician and piano/keyboard player!!”
    — 1/30/13 Angel M.
  • “Tom, Wow!! …..That was so beautiful, both the arrangement and your playing.  I appreciate you giving your time to do that for the presentation. It was very moving and just wonderful to listen to.”
    — 11/11/13  Hope P.
  • “Your piano arrangement at the Veterans Day program was magnificent!  What a treat to hear you play today.”
    — 11/11/2013  Amanda L.