Pedalpoint magazine article, Fall 1998 issue

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Pedalpoint magazine article, Fall 1998 issue

Posted in : 1998, Articles, Other Stuff on by : Tom Rule

File this under “I totally forgot I did that”.

Back in the 90’s I was asked to write some articles for Pedalpoint magazine [a quarterly that was aimed at Church musicians, and was very well done] about keyboards, synths, and the like.

Fast forward a few decades, and a family member was interacting with someone who recognized the last name, asked if we were related, and produced this article.

Sadly, I no longer have copies of the article series, so I am stashing this scan of a xerox here. The little I remember the earlier articles dealt with what multi-timbral meant, layers and splits, navigating menus, and the like – all aimed towards the “traditional” church musician who only knew piano or organ.

Yeah – a whole lotta NOT white hair on that chin…..

Here’s the PDF, if you’d like to keep a copy for yourself. It might be useful for chasing away small rodents…..