Ep. 34: Who’s the Old Guy?

Old = Useless.

Guess what?


Ep. 33: Flipping is nothing new

An episode on how “Flipping the classroom” is nothing new for musicians!


Ep. 32: Should you spend the money?

Should you spend the money to record in a professional studio?

Some thoughts on the subject, sparked by a conversation with a high school student.

Ep. 31: New Toys!

New toys,

When is fast Fast enough?,

and why haven’t you been recording?

Ep. 30: First Day Nerves

Is it me, or are these episodes getting shorter?

Gee, the nerves you get when starting something new!

Ep. 29: Education Ain’t Accounting!

Well, it ISN’T!

Another Tom Rant.

Episode 29 – Education is not Accounting

Episode 28: The Music Biz – was it really better back then?

Was it REALLY easier “way back when” to break into the music biz?

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Episode 27: Existing in Time

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Episode 26: Enjoy it While it Lasts!

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Episode 25: Take Care ‘o your bizness!

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