What IS this?

Tom Rule’s Music Stuff is a podcast that has been airing as part of Joey Stuckey’s AudioStyle show on the Artist First network for a while now. These episodes were originally recorded for that venue, and are presented here for your edification, listening pleasure, thoughts provoked, and other assorted and sundry reasons.

MUSIC Stuff is available:

You can also get episodes early from the Tom Rule Nimbit Store

What’s it about? Basically:

  • anything musical is fair game
  • creating music
  • producing music
  • playing music
  • listening to music
  • music as a business
  • music as a career
  • and even some gratuitous references to vinyl siding and BBQ!

How often is this posted?

  • At the moment [as in right now, as in April 2013] I’m posting twice a month – once on the 15th, once on the 30th.

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…and if you have a comment or question or pun or crockpot recipe, send it to music@macmusicguy.com.





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