Episode 24: NO MORE EXCUSES!

NO MORE EXCUSES! Thoughts about Practicing and Creativity….yet another gratuitous rant!



Episode 23: What the FREAK?

What the FREAK? …. A gratuitous RANT.

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Episode 22: Roadblocks!

Roadblocks and the creative process.


Episode 21: Time & Creativity

Thoughts about Time & Creativity…. in my car, again!

Episode 20: The Price of Capability

Words of “Wisdom” from Kevin Becka of Mix magazine about the never-ending increase in gear capability, how it can drive you nuts, and what that means for any Creative who wants to stay alive.

…plus a few pithy thoughts of my own!

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Episode 19: Happy Birthday, MIDI! [part 2]

My, where did the time go? MIDI has extraordinarily unusual in that it is a 30 year old technology that is still being used, developed, and is phenomenally useful. Some thoughts about that – and how Joey Stuckey’s album MIXTURE could not have happened with MIDI!

Episode 19: Happy Birthday, MIDI! [part 2]

Episode 18: Happy Birthday, MIDI! [part 1]

Episode 18 – Happy Birthday, MIDI! [part 1]

Ep. 17: The Value of Music, personally speaking!

So how valuable IS music to a person through their life?

….seen any 80 year old football players lately?


Ep17 – 5.01 – TomRuleMusicStuff

Episode 16: So is **THIS** Music?

Take a listen and decide for yourself – more adventures in a music appreciation classroom!

Ep16 – 5.06 – TomRuleMusicStuff

Episode 15: Just what **IS** Music?

Asking the unanswerable question, perhaps?

Ep15 – 5.12 – TomRuleMusicStuff