Joey Stuckey upcoming album “The Sun Sessions”

I’ve been called in to add some keyboard parts to the basic tracks that were recorded at Sun. The tracks sound pretty good, and it’s been fun adding my own touch to the music.
Keep an eye out later on for the album – it should be interesting!


The trio of Joey Stuckey, Nestor Jaenz and Charles Arnold are super excited about the tracks they recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, recording in the same room as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, U2 and many more. After capturing the basic tracks, just like they did in the 50’s and 60’s, the band did their overdubs mixing and mastering at Joey’s state of the art recording studio” Shadow Sound”

We are excited to announce that besides the trio members, Joey and the guys are joined on keyboard by longtime friend and band member Tom Rule and renowned Georgia music legend Randall Bramblett on B-3 organ!

You can read the full announcement HERE.

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