Studio News, New music and charts at

1) Been working this week at Shadowsound studios on a new jazz album with Joey Stuckey. This is gonna be good, if I do say so myself and shouldn’t!

Lots of tasty guitar and [of course!] plenty of keyboard backup, as well as the usual assortment of ear candy. We’ve got several very talented sidemen lined up – I’m excited about putting this thing together!

We’ve been writing for over a year now – it’s nice to start hearing these tunes with my ears instead of just inside my head!

Later this year the charts and sheet music will be available online for purchase – keep watching this space for the news!

2) I’ve also posted some new music over at – there are some Tuba/Baritone [or Trombone] duets that I wrote for a tuba student of mine a few years ago, plus some mp3s of original stuff and some new pieces that are great for teaching piano.

One of the more original things is a series of pieces I’m calling “One Handed Trios” . These are written to be flexible – a very Renaissance state of mind! – and can be played by 2 OR three people at the keyboard (or pretty much any C instrument, for that matter.) They were written this past year for some class piano students, and worked pretty well. The packages include mp3s of the tracks in various combinations, so that no matter which line you are working on, you can have your mp3 player playing the other tracks along with you.

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