Joey Stuckey’s MIXTURE: opinion by a professor of Jazz Studies

Hey jazz enthusiasts,

If you are looking for the next classic jazz recording to add to your collection or just some great tunes to groove to, then we invite you to check out Joey Stuckey’s debut full length jazz CD Mixture

Listen to what Dr. Monty Cole, Professor of Jazz Studies at Mercer University, says about Mixture:

These tracks are a departure from the high-energy and edgy blues playing that leaps to mind when you hear the name Joey Stuckey.  Smooth jazz is the latest frontier and the legendary guitar virtuoso is blazing a trail of softer hues across the sound spectrum. 

Ably partnered with pianist Tom Rule, the group has already established a solid foundation in the new style – just in time for summer.  A host of other musicians make appearances and the result is soothing, satisfying and soulful.

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Check out MIXTUREcast – tidbits of the tunes & the stories behind them.

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