A fabulous Guitar Instructor’s opinion of Joey Stuckey’s new jazz guitar album MIXTURE

If you are looking for the next classic jazz recording to add to your collection or just some great tunes to groove to, then we invite you to check out Joey Stuckey‘s debut full length jazz CD Mixture.

Blind guitarist Joey Stuckey brings flavors of guitar greats like John McLaughlin, Russ Freeman, Steve Khan and Frank Gambale, to Mixture so you are sure to get your jazz guitar fix.

With outstanding keyboards from Tom Rule reminiscent of Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck, percussion from the masters, Miguel Castro and Marcus Reddick in the vein of Tito Puente and Mango Santa Maria as well as special guest performances from Pam Rule on Vocals and Monty Cole on Flute, the music on Mixture bops, swings and rocks.

Here is what Terry Cantwell, guitar instructor at Macon State College, Mercer University, and Georgia College and State University has to say about MIXTURE:

Friends at Play (very good friends at play). From their very first notes, Joey Stuckey and Tom Rule invite you to sit and dine with them. Their joy for music is immediately apparent. Their melodies are just good clean fun as they dance and dart about, weaving their lines with elegant restraint through tender fields of the soul.

With impeccable rhythm and drive, they insist that your head bobs, your feet move, your eyes light up and you must, you simply must, grin from ear to ear. They play with gorgeous tone and varied orchestration and their phrasing is exact.

There is nothing more exciting then listening to musicians who are on top of their game, and that is exactly what we get here, two of the best, at their best.

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