MIXTURE review over at All About Jazz

Fresh on the heels of reaching into the Top Ten on the CMJ Jazz charts comes this highly complimentary review of Mixture over at All About Jazz by Edward Blanco. Here are a few quotes:

  • Mixture is a gem of smooth-styled jazz that sparkles all over. 
  • Key to this endeavor is friend, keyboardist and songwriter Tom Rule with whom Stuckey has collaborated the past several years, writing the music for this album. 
  • Whether familiar with the blind guitarist or not, Mixture is a delightful recording, delivering an all-around pleasurable musical experience from an amazingly talented artist who, despite his physical limitation, navigates his musical path like a driven visionary, letting nothing get in the way of his success. 
  • Not everything here is soft and sweet however, as stuck in the middle of these selections is the swinging, bop-to-the-core “Too Pooped To Bop.” 
  • …..the album presents a versatile set of primarily warm tunes with a touch of bop and pep.

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