Even more MIXTURE News

I’m posting this here because I was “co-everything” on this album: co-writer, co-producer, co-engineer, and did all the keyboard work as well as some of the percussion work.


Macon’s official ambassador of music is continuing to make a name for himself with jazz fans all over the world.

Joey Stuckey’s latest jazz album, ‘Mixture,’ jumped from #34 on the CMJ Top 40 Chart to #9 in just one week, joining legendary and illustrious jazz artists including Lee Rittenour, Marcus Miller, Diana Krall, and Chick Corea!

In late 2010, Joey and Rule began sporadic writing sessions despite their busy schedules teaching and performing.

“We kept writing together and finally came up with 10 jazz tracks we both were happy with. I decided to make those recordings, ‘Mixture,’ my next album to be released.”
– Joey Stuckey

“I lived with MIXTURE for around 2 years while we were creating it, and I still like it when those tunes pop into my head!”
– Tom Rule



For more information, visit: www.joeystuckey.com
Friend Joey on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joeystuckey
Like Joey on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jstuckeymusic

Here’s what new fans are saying about “Mixture”!

“’Give Five’: Outstanding music … and soulful too. Best wishes in your music career. You have quite the impressive Bio with incredibly, “… insightful vision.” Thank you for sharing your music. And I very much appreciate reading your biography history. Thank you, thank you! ”

“ I can see myself cruising in My “66 Impala with not only the ‘Windows Down,’ but the top down as well, listening to this.”

“Man, where has this guitar player been all my life (or yours, for that matter)…. supercharged & ready for prime time from the first note, this is high-energy jazz, to be sure! After a smashing guitar intro on the opener, “We’ll See“, there are snatches of vocals that are purely psychedelic!….You’ll be able to clearly see every sonic image Joey paints; all the more amazing since he’s a blind player – or perhaps that’s part of what makes him sound so great – either way, you’ll love the “jump” on “Too Pooped To Bop”… you’ll know exactly how that feels after you listen to this, my favorite track of the 10 on the CD. Joey not only gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) of 5.00, he gets the “PICK” of this issue for “best jazz guitar”! – ImproviJazzation Nation Magazine.

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