As Seen on TV [but not yet}….and some recordings posted

Misc. News and happenings in the world of Tom:

I spent an interesting morning down at Shadowsound Studios the other day recording an episode – interview – performance for a segment called “Studio 41”. It will air sometime between 5 – 7 AM. I’ll post the date here when I hear. The video will eventually be posted on their webpage as well.

I was able to get a pretty good recording of the performance. It’s posted over in my Nimbit store – in the “Current” album. You can listen to the whole thing there.

I’ve almost recorded TWENTY episodes of  the Music Stuff Podcast. [19 is almost 20, right?]. They are posting on the “7’s” of each month [the 7th, 14th, etc]. You can subscribe to the podcast so you’ll get an email when another episode posts….. or you could swing over to the aforementioned Nimbit store [hint hint hint]

Each episode is around 5 minutes, and deals with making music, musical adventures, and the occasional wacky thing such as music BBQ. It’s well worth a listen, if I do say so myself and shouldn’t.


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