More Piano music coming……

I [FINALLY!] have a window to work in the studio. I’ve been getting caught up on the “get to it later” pile[s], and have managed to  make my way down to the Piano Music pile.

I’ve been recording and posting preludes that I play over at First Presbyterian [along with the occasional offertory]. These are all based on traditional church hymns, but are original – there is some serious jazz wrapped inside those hymns.

Preludes: Short, Improvised, & Live currently has 9 tracks, with multiple versions of 4 different hymns:

  • All Creatures that on Earth Do Dwell,
  • Come Christians Join to Sing,
  • There is a Fountain,
  • Immortal Invisible.

I’ll be adding more today [assuming nothing goes wrong!].

You can listen to them [and purchase individual tracks for 99 cents or the entire album for whatever you think it’s worth] over at


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