CHRISTmas update: Scheduling

Ever get into a project and say to yourself

If I’d known how hard this was going to be……” ?

I’m there.


Here’s a quick recap, and a couple of reminders:

Joey Stuckey will be producing the album – which is officially called “It OUGHT to be called CHRISTmas”. Out of the 10-12 tunes on the album, 5 will have a band with me – a different band for each tune. This should be a lot of fun!

  • Dan Wallace on bass
  • Chet Burchfield on upright bass
  • Vadim Volynets on cello
  • Marcus Reddick on drums
  • Miguel Castro on drums
  • Brian Bogle on a variety of saxes
  • Pam Rule on vocals, but not the way you’re thinking right now!

We are trying to get the sessions scheduled right now, and it’s been a bit of a bear, between all the work and studio and vacation and other schedules that we’re working around. The nice thing is that we have some flexibility in HOW we go about recording – we’d PREFER to record “live” – i.e. the entire group there at the same time – but in most cases isn’t absolutely mandatory.

Plans at the moment are to release a DIGITAL version of the album in late September, and then a PHYSICAL CD version with bonus material in October.


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