Studio policies

These are here mostly to avoid misunderstandings. Please ask if something is unclear! PLEASE sign up for the studio newsletter (sent out VERY occasionally).

1. Payment for the entire month is due at the first lesson each month. I accept cash & checks in person, credit cards via Paypal.

2. Credit is given (and flows over to the following month) for lessons missed when I am given at least 24 hours notice (the more notice, the better!). If you miss a lesson without contacting me (a.k.a. “no show”), you will be charged for the lesson. (Exception: family emergencies)

I do keep track of how many lessons have been paid for, so ask if you have a question! You can pay for lessons online, by the way. Click on the link above.

3. By the same token, I will give you as much notice as possible when my schedule changes (because of performances, vacations, and such).

4. Don’t skip a lesson because you didn’t practice. Yes, I’ll probably “gently harangue” you about it – but there is a TON of stuff we can work on: improvisation, rhythm work, comping, theoretical score analysis (which is much less scary than it sounds)….

“Not Practicing” is not acceptable as a reason for missing a lesson.

5. If you have any concerns or questions, please ask! I’m happy to explain why I’m teaching a particular way, what I’m trying to accomplish, how the student is doing, and am happy to listen to suggestions.

I’ve never believed I knew everything or always had the best ideas, so I am open to suggestions. I’m also pretty good at finding alternatives methods, explanations, and paths.

6. How to contact me:

  • Cell phone (my students have my number. I’d rather not publish it on the web!)
  • Email me, or fill out the contact form at the link above.

7. I teach at Young America Music School on Zebulon Road, on a digital keyboard. It isn’t a grand piano, but it is eminently serviceable.