A blog that will

  1. Keep you updated on what’s going on in the confusing world of Tom
  2. deal with just about anything piano and keyboard related, from someone with years of experience teaching and performing. I earned a Master’s degree in piano performance from the University of South Carolina (the REAL USC!). So yes, I can play “classical” – but I also perform jazz and several other styles.
  3. Have some stories in it

I have keyboard credits on several indie albums over the past few years – including my own 2011 release Accessible Depth and Joey Stuckey’s MIXTURE jazz guitar album, released in 2012…. and have even released 2 albums by the band tom&co. The second CD, Seasons, is available on itunes, cdbaby, and even AudioLunchbox.

So this blog will cover just about anything piano and keyboard related, from performing, teaching, and learning viewpoints…..and since I deal with Music Technology almost daily, even some technologoy usage notes, and maybe a gear review. Come along for the ride – it should be interesting!