March 2021: Another Chapter Begins

After much mucking about, I am finally working on a website revamp and straightening out my communication channels. Actually, that’s just a fancy way of saying I’m cleaning out the virtual sock drawer that my website had become – too many iterations, too much time had passed, too much content had been created, and not enough attention had been paid to the site for it to be THAT organized, or even useful.

Much material has been cleaned up as I type this – several sections have been combined into a “History” sub-section because there were some pretty cool things I didn’t want to lose, like articles on music technology, pictures from some Joe Stuckey Band performances, audio of some performances that weren’t QUITE good enough to release officially, but were still interesting… that type of stuff.

Once all the floors get swept up and the cupboards get organized I’ll be adding the link to the front of the website.

The broken links on the main parts of the site have also been fixed. Sheesh, a lot has changed in the last 3 years in the music distribution scene.

There will be major changes coming to the front, as you’d expect. But more details on that later.

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