Episode List

Ep. 34: Who's the Old Guy?

Ep. 33: Flipping is nothing new

Ep. 32: Should you spend the money?

Ep. 31: New Toys!

Ep. 30: First Day Nerves

Ep. 29: Education Ain't Accounting!

Episode 28: The Music Biz - was it really better back then?

Episode 27: Existing in Time

Episode 26: Enjoy it While it Lasts!

Episode 25: Take Care 'o your bizness!

Episode 24: NO MORE EXCUSES!

Episode 23: What the FREAK?

Episode 22: Roadblocks!

Episode 21: Time & Creativity

Episode 20: The Price of Capability

Episode 19: Happy Birthday, MIDI! [part 2]

Episode 18: Happy Birthday, MIDI! [part 1]

Ep. 17: The Value of Music, personally speaking!

Episode 16: So is **THIS** Music?

Episode 15: Just what **IS** Music?

Episode 14: There's more here than meets the eye!

Episode 13: Brancusi's Victory Cry, Part 3

Episode 12: Brancusi's Victory Cry, Part 2

Episode 11: Brancusi's Victory Cry, Part 1

Episode 10: It's Better LIVE!

Episode 9: Surprise!

Episode 8: Music Creation, Music BBQ?

Episode 7: Gig Stories

Episode 6: Ya' Never Know!

Episode 5: Being Good at Something

Episode 4: You can ALWAYS get better

Episode 3: Music is an Odd Business

Episode 2: Miscellaneous Thought about Music

Episode 1: The Beginning