New Album coming: Accessible Depth

In between the Joey Stuckey Album MIXTURE and the teaching and stuff, i’ve also been working on a new album of keyboard originals titled Accessible Depth. It will feature 10 tracks of mostly piano music, but has a few fully-fleshed out tunes. All are originals – except for “At The Cross”, which is an original arrangement of the old hymn tune.

Church, meet jazz!

Actually, At The Cross originally appeared on the album Seasons by tom&co. I like that version so much I thought I’d reuse it….especially since it was recorded at 3 in the morning after a 14 hour marathon recording session. We recorded two takes – if I remember correctly it was just me, the engineer Mark Baltzglier, and the drummer Dennis Palmer (who was just hanging around to watch). Both takes were excellent – I remember it took us a while to decide which take to keep.

So watch this space for more news coming up – I’m hoping to get this thing back before Thanksgiving, but have a lot of work to do on it in the meantime!

It will be available over on CDbaby, iTunes, at my own site ( and eventually Spotify and

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