What does Joey Stuckey say about his new jazz guitar album MIXTURE?

If you are looking for the next classic jazz recording to add to your collection or just some great tunes to groove to, then we invite you to check out Joey Stuckey’s debut full length jazz CD Mixture.

Blind guitarist Joey Stuckey brings flavors of guitar greats like John McLaughlin, Russ Freeman, Steve Khan and Frank Gambale to Mixture so you are sure to get your jazz guitar fix.

With outstanding keyboards from Tom Rule reminiscent of Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck, percussion from the masters Miguel Castro and Marcus Reddick [in the vein of Tito Puente and Mango Santa Maria] as well as special guest performances by Pam Rule on vocals and Monty Cole on flute, the music on Mixture bops, swings and rocks.

In the words of Joey Stuckey:

I have had the privilege of working with many great musicians! Some famous and some rather infamous. So when I say that it is a joy to work with someone, it is a big-deal.

Tom Rule is such a musician. Not only is he an amazing musician, educator and all-round-smarty-pants, but he is also a genuine friend – and working with a person like that is really what life is all about. How many times can you say that you got to work with that kind of person? It doesn’t get better than that.

It has truly been a high point in my career, thus far, to have worked with him on this project. After playing together for many moons, we finally did something we had threatened to do for years: write together.

We started in late 2010 with a weekly writing session. Wel,l it was supposed to be weekly, but as always, life intruded! Now in 2012, we have 10 jazz tunes to our collection and we are pleased with the results.

So after completing the writing sessions, this was the question: Now that we have written these songs, what are we going to do with them? I decided to make the collection of songs we composed into my next album release and name it Mixture because of the blending of styles of two artists.

This is my first full-length jazz album and I hope you enjoy it as much as Tom and I have enjoyed writing and performing it for you.

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Coming Soon:
Sheet Music from the Album over at MacMusicGuy.com


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