• Apple Music: 1000 plays
    Well – that’s not much in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, it’s more plays that I had before! https://music.lnk.to/C1II8u @AppleMusic
  • “Happiness” from Accessible Depth – 100 Shazams
    At least 100 people from around the planet have heard “Happiness” ….. and wre curious enough about what the song was to pick up their phone and Shazam the thing. Interesting! https://music.lnk.to/vG9xPG @AppleMusic
  • “Sun” – 100 Shazams!
    Sooooooo…. apparently 100 people have heard “Sun” from the Accessible Depth Album and wondered what that tune was…. from parts around the world. Interesting! https://music.lnk.to/Cggt1i @AppleMusic
  • The Meeting – a teaser
    The album is coming along VERY slowly, a function of working on it in my mythical spare time. Still, progress is inching along. The entire concept is to take moments that might occur during a work week and musically illustrate them – partly because I think it is a pretty interesting concept, and partly because these ...
  • It’s August! It’s Hot?
    No one in Georgia is surprised… leastwise no one who was raised in Georgia. Minimal progress on the album – the start of the new school year at the Day Job always consumes inordinate amounts of time and energy and braincells. I’m hoping to get cranked up on “The Meeting” this week. Meanwhile, I ran across an ...
  • “The Meeting” – more pix
    Here are a couple more pictures from recording the first section of “The Meeting”. I used a mid-side setup to give me flexibility when mixing. It’s something I’ve been using for several years, but mostly for live recording. Recording the Meeting – for Tom Rule’s album “The Week Begins” Mid-side mic setup fro “The Meeting” That’s a Cascade large ...
  • “The Meeting”
    “The Meeting” is the latest track I’m working on from the next album . If you were ever curious what it looks ...
  • The Week Begins – an update
    An update on The Week Begins, the next album by Tom Rule.
  • It’s Goodnight, not Goodbye – sheet music
    The final track from the CHRISTmas album is now available in sheet music, so you can play it yourself. You can get digital copies from JW Pepper, Sheet Music Direct, and Sheet Music Plus. Would you like a professionally printed copy? Click on the JW Pepper link below. Sheet Music Direct Sheet Music Plus JW Pepper It’s ...
  • A Mighty Fortress, SATB Choral arrangement
    ” Jesus Loves Me This I know, For the Bible tells me so…Little ones to him belong……I am weak but He is…… A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. Thus begins a new arrangement of the Martin Luther hymn “A Mighty Fortress”, for SATB choir and Piano. This takes the familiar hymn and adds in sonic ...
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