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Tom Rules album It Should Be Called CHRISTmas LIVE Tom Rules album It Should Be Called CHRISTmas

The newest Christmas music albums from Tom Rule HAVE ARRIVED! Click here to have a listen – or scroll on down for details on where you can get your copy.

With a mix of lounge, bebop, jazz, and classical influences, you’ll enjoy familiar Christmas music coupled with brand new takes and styles – featuring Christmas music that HASN’T been overplayed. You’ve walked into stores and heard the same 50 songs that play on every radio station, Pandora playlist, and probably on your own phone. Tom wants you to feel right at home this Christmas with these tunes – but to explore new ways of experiencing them.

The Live Album The Studio Album
The Live album was recorded as part of a live webcast done to celebrate the release of the Studio album. All solo piano, it features most of the tunes from the Studio album, PLUS some special version of tunes from the tom&co album Seasons, AND a couple of songs that Tom just wanted to play [including an exceptional version of the Vince Guaraldi song “ChristmasTime is here”.] The Studio album has been well received, and has received international airplay on both terrestrial and internet radio.There’s also two brand new songs aimed at getting your toes tapping and your head thinking! For example: You know the song “Go Tell It” – most of us sang us growing up. But have you ever thought about telling it over the field and everywhere…to a jazz club melody?
Where to get YOUR copy

The Live Album

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The Studio Album

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Welcome to creative Christmas music.

Having worked with names such as Darius Rucker, The Grapevine, Joey Stuckey, and select members of The Mile High Orchestra, enjoy the culmination of 30+ years in the music industry on one album as you celebrate the season! Have a listen to these latest releases, in addition to previous albums under the name Tom&Co as well as Tom Rule, and bring in the holidays with music that will jazz up your typical playlist.

It really SHOULD be called “CHRISTmas”!


Fun fact: Tom’s entire immediate family has been involved in the process of creating this album. His wife, Pam, is a vocalist on multiple tracks. His oldest son, Caleb, and Caleb’s wife, Chelsea, helped with the website design, marketing, writing, and design of the album. His youngest son, Patrick, came up with the album cover and other related graphic design projects.

It’s been a blast – thank you for sharing in it with us all!


Are you in Radio? Click HERE for access to the tracks on the studio album or HERE for the Live album