Tom Rule’s printed music could be anything from sheet music with originals to Charts used in church or the studio. Styles range from hymn-related to jazz to classical to electronic to….. well, there’s a phrase used in the Southern US that fits here: “Duke’s Mixture”.

Want to see the entire list of printed music available? Sheet music is available at these online stores:

J W Pepper [digital AND printed]Sheet Music DirectSheet Music Plus

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  • It’s Goodnight, not Goodbye – sheet music
    The final track from the CHRISTmas album is now available in sheet music, so you can play it yourself. You can get digital copies from JW Pepper, Sheet Music Direct, and Sheet Music Plus. Would you like a professionally printed copy? Click on the JW Pepper link below. Sheet Music Direct Sheet Music Plus JW Pepper It’s ...
  • A Mighty Fortress, SATB Choral arrangement
    ” Jesus Loves Me This I know, For the Bible tells me so…Little ones to him belong……I am weak but He is…… A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. Thus begins a new arrangement of the Martin Luther hymn “A Mighty Fortress”, for SATB choir and Piano. This takes the familiar hymn and adds in sonic ...
  • Solfigietto Jam for solo piano
    The printed music for Solfigietto Jam is now available! This is a jazz version of that old CPE Bach piano standard. It is another result of those times I was sitting in the piano studio, teaching, and started wondering if you could make jazz out of that…… Solfigietto Jam was originally recorded for the album ...
  • Paging Eloise…. Paging Eloise
    Work is progressing on the new album “The Week Begins” . Paging Eloise is another in a continuing effort to answer the question, “I wonder if you can make jazz out of that?” Paging Eloise, from Tom Rule’s album The Week Begins I previously did a version ...
  • Low Brass Duets
    A small set of short low brass duets that are available over on Sheet Music Direct. These are indeed duets, but a transposed line for Treble Clef Baritone is included. A bit of fun for a couple of early to intermediate players! Chopsticks Joyful Joyful Common Ground Hop Skip Chopsticks for low brass duet by Tom Rule
  • One Handed Trios – Piano music
    Yes, it’s a deliberately flexible title! One Handed Trios refers to a continuing set of music with three lines, meant for one to three players. Some will work on one piano or keyboard, and some require multiple instruments . Each piece is available individually, but also as a ...
  • Short Suite for Piano
    This was an – ahem – short suite written for solo piano a wile back. It sat in a file folder for – well, let’s just say a REALLY LONG TIME, I revisited it, revamped quite a bit of it, and here it is seeing the light of day for the first time. Purchase Short Suite ...
  • One Handed Trios? [Yes, FIVE of them]
    One Handed Trios are a series of three-line short piano pieces I’ve used in my teaching over the years. I finally got around to officially publishing them – the first 5 are available on SheetMusicDirect and SheetMusicPlus. They look a little odd when you first glance at them – three lines of music. So are they for a soloist? ...
  • Have fun playing some new Sheet Music
    One of the Projects this year is to work through a backlog of projects, including several pieces I have written or arranged over the years. The first-fruits of organizing the several terabytes of data scattered over several hard drives is that I have found several files I ...
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