Paging Eloise…. Paging Eloise

Work is progressing on the new album “The Week Begins” [you can keep up with what’s going on over at TomsTypewriter.com]. Paging Eloise is another in a continuing effort to answer the question, “I wonder if you can make jazz out of that?”

Paging Eloise, from Tom Rule’s album The Week Begins

I previously did a version of CPE Bach’s Solfigietto [available on the Accessible Depth album], and now I’ve wrangled with Beethoven’s famous Fur Elise. In a decided break with how I usually work, I’ve posted the solo piano sheet music along with a decent recording of it over at

Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus.

Pop on over and take a look and a listen…. feel free to pick up a copy for yourself, your favorite piano student, or even a piano teacher [or two or three!]

Yes, there’s a pun in that title. The album is looking at various phases and moments of a work week – thus the “Paging” part. Eloise because I ran across an article several years ago stating the it is very possible the woman’s name in the original title – Elise – was mis-read by the publisher, and it should have been titled “For Eloise”….. thus the title of my version.

I freely admit that I have not taken the time to research and verify my recollection. It’s my tune to title, and I decided not to ruin a great story with historical fact!

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