One Handed Trios

Well, what would YOU call a piece of music that can be played by three players, or two, or [sometimes] one? One Handed Trios?

The OHT series is music written on three staves – it could be played by three players. If two players, one will be playing two staves – either the top two or the bottom two, and the second player is reading the remaining. SOME of the pieces are playable by one player – although that might take some judicious working around some technical issues. [Need to leave out some stuff? I’m fine with that!]

These are a variety of skill levels, and a variety of instruments required. Some can be played on one instrucment by three players who like each other [or can at least tolerate each other.] Most can be played on two instruments.

Note that these will work on piano AND on keyboards. Have some fun. Be creative!

If you do have a performance you can send me, please do.. and let me know if I may share it with my audience as well.

  • OHT: No Problem, from The Week Begins
    Did you ever have one of those days when The Boss hands you a task and your first thought is,”No Problem”? That’s what this fun little tune captures. The piece has a rhythmic left hand part that percolates along while the right hand overlays a pleasant but tricky melody and accompaniment. This is the One Handed ...
  • “No Problem” sheet music [One Handed Trios version]
    This OHT version of the tune from The Week Begins evokes that moment when the Boss hands you a task and you know it is a piece of cake, easy-peasy, and absolutely nothing to worry about. As with all the One Handed Trio pieces, it can be played by either two [one performer ...
  • One Handed Trios – Piano music
    Yes, it’s a deliberately flexible title! One Handed Trios refers to a continuing set of music with three lines, meant for one to three players. Some will work on one piano or keyboard, and some require multiple instruments . Each piece is available individually, but also as a ...
  • One Handed Trios? [Yes, FIVE of them]
    One Handed Trios are a series of three-line short piano pieces I’ve used in my teaching over the years. I finally got around to officially publishing them – the first 5 are available on SheetMusicDirect and SheetMusicPlus. They look a little odd when you first glance at them – three lines of music. So are they for a soloist? ...

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