D.I.Y Album Booklet for The Week Begins – Seriously!

I remember album jackets… those big sheets of cardboard protecting the vinyl that [sometimes] had cool graphics and lots of info about the artists, the music, the recording process, the musicians.

Then along came cassettes, with little room for anything. CDs were a tad bit larger, but you had to have a multi-page booklet to get any information there. That costs extra, and I AM an indy artist, after all..

So enter stage left…. the DO-IT-YOURSELF ALBUM BOOKLET.

The Inimitable Untuxable took the graphics he created for the album cover and the CD and did some of his usual Photoshop magic. He created a downloadable PDF that you can print at home [or wherever you have access to a printer. I suggest color – it just looks better.]

Print it out double-sided and then fold it twice where indicated

You will have a DIY album booklet with a LOT of extra info about The Week Begins, including stories about each track, acknowledgements, and even the original photo that became the album cover.

…..and if you buy the physical CD , you’ll have a place to stash your unique DIY album booklet, because we designed it especially for that little pocket.

Click away – download the booklet, have fun folding it, and pick up your copy of the album.