One Handed Trios – Piano music

Yes, it’s a deliberately flexible title! One Handed Trios refers to a continuing set of music with three lines, meant for one to three players. Some will work on one piano or keyboard, and some require multiple instruments [unless the players REALLY get along with each other].

Each piece is available individually, but also as a set on Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus. You can listen to the pieces on those sites as well.

One Handed Trios Set One – piano sheet music by Tom Rule

One Handed Trios?This set is a collection of three 3-line pieces, all of them relatively short, designed for use in piano lessons or class piano. They have sprung out of my own teaching, where I wanted some pieces that emphasized rhythm, would be fun to play, and would also be very flexible.

Each piece can be played by one, two, or three players. With three players each would play one line. With two players one will play a single line, the 2nd will play the other two lines. A single player would either need to be very advanced, or play along with a recording of themself playing some of the parts.