One Handed Trios? [Yes, FIVE of them]

One Handed Trios are a series of three-line short piano pieces I’ve used in my teaching over the years. I finally got around to officially publishing them – the first 5 are available on SheetMusicDirect and SheetMusicPlus.

They look a little odd when you first glance at them – three lines of music. So are they for a soloist? A duet? A trio? One piano? Two keyboards?

Well, all of the above. They can be played by 3 players – each takes on line. Or Two players – one take two lines, the other takes the remaining one {and you can decide which two lines the first player takes}.

A soloist trying to play these is going to have make some choices on HOW exactly to make that happen – they may actually have to leave something out. The question is, what? How do you decide what it musically least important?

This should foster some conversations about looking at the music and figuring out what is going on – the “college level music theory terminology” would be Musical Analysis.

One Handed Trios – Teaching Duets / Trios

If you enjoy it – or know of someone who might be interested in these pieces, please let them know!