Accessible Depth

Accessible Depth

Filled with interesting keyboard music created by someone who is living proof God has a sense of humor.

Includes a fascinating version of Solfigietto that brings back memories and surprises for any piano student that learned the piece….and for anyone who ever wondered if the Bach Boys could have written jazz if they’d lived in a different century.

So, what’s with this album?

“This is an attempt to create what the title says – music that is both accessible, yet deep enough with enough ear candy to withstand multiple listens. There are a lot of little happy accidents built into this album, which makes it that much more fun – to me, at least.”

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Accidents? Like what?

“Well, start with the cover. The outer edge, and the inside of the cross are taken from a printout where the printer went nuts and started spewing out computer characters and a lead sheet for a church tune where the letters were all wonky. A couple of the tracks began life as improvisations recorded in a college piano studio where I was teaching and had a few hours break, so I set up a microphone, hit record, and just played. Dooooo Dot came from a demo piece I wrote for Pam, to showcase her studio vocal work.”

The inside cover mentions something about having a cross on the cover and only one “church” tune.

I like to hide little surprises in my albums – whether on the cover or in the music. The “church” – a word which sadly has lost much of its meaning – for a very long time was THE place to go for quality music. The church fostered innovation, a drive to quality, a striving to be the best you could be – though, granted, with a lot of stubble, discussions, disagreements on what was proper, and the like. Those things are basic human nature.

Along the way the mythical “we” decided that it was OK for “church music” to be sub-standard, that “good enough” was OK. So the cross is not only a tip-o-the-hat to why I do what I do, but also a call to excellence – of which this album is, I sincerely hope, an example.

Solfigietto Jam3:40This is what happens when you are hearing the piece butchered by a piano student who refuses to practice…. and you wonder if J.C Bach could have written Jazz…..
Storm3:39You are sitting on the front porch, watching a summer storm roll in…..
Happiness3:35Could be called “Black Key Happiness” – because of the key. A piece for a really, really good day.
Sun2:57Pondering the Sun, on a day when the temp is springtime-just-right – just cool enough for the sun to feel good, but not so warm that the mosquitoes are out.
Hot July2:53That feeling of accomplishment when you look at what you just got done, in spite of the heat…..
At the Cross2:21I got tired of the perfunctory renditions of these lyrics. So I wrote a thoughtful version.
Spring Longing3:34It’s January and cold. Enough said.
Doooooo Dot3:04A happy little tune, and the only way to get Take 6 to perform on this album was to use the samples they provided in my Roland RD700sx keyboard
December Thoughts3:15More thinking wit my fingers, this time about December
Pam3:11A tribute to my wife, best, friend, and teammate. Note that the order changes, depending on the day.
Accessible Depth, an album by Tom Rule

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