It Should Be Called CHRISTmas

Enjoy some of your Christmas classics …. but in a new, enjoyable way. 

With a mix of lounge, bebop, jazz, and classical influences, you’ll enjoy familiar Christmas music coupled with brand new takes and styles – featuring Christmas music that HASN’T been overplayed.

You’ve walked into stores and heard the same 50 songs that play on every radio station, Pandora playlist, and probably on your own phone. Tom wants you to feel right at home this Christmas with these tunes – but to explore new ways of experiencing them.

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The album was chosen Best Christmas Album for 2018 by Enlightened Piano Radio.

It Should Be Called CHRISTmas – EPR’s best Christmas album for 2018

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Features Tom on piano, keyboards and recorders; Dr. Marcus Reddick and Miguel “no relation to the dictator” Castro on percussion; Dan Wallace and Chet Burchfield on bass; Brian Bogle on saxes; Vadim Volynets on cello; Pam “one take” Rule on wordless vocals. Produced and Engineered by Joey Stuckey and Tom Rule at ShadowSound Studios in Macon, GA.

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Fun fact:

Tom’s entire immediate family has been involved in the process of creating this album. His wife, Pam, is a vocalist on multiple tracks. His oldest son, Caleb, and Caleb’s wife, Chelsea, helped with some of the marketing, writing, and design of the album. His youngest son, Patrick, came up with the album cover and other related graphic design projects.

It’s been a blast – thank you for sharing in it with us all!

We Gather TogetherWe always sang this only at Thanksgiving, thought the lyrics aren’t really focused on that holiday. Still, seems like a good way to start off the album.3:39
It’s CHRISTmas!You can’t go into the living room to see what Santa brought until Mom & Dad have their coffee in hand, so you wait…..and then –> GO!3:05
O Come, EmmanuelMournful yet hopeful – Vadim’s cello brings forth a depth of emotion here that is just excellent.3:52
Away in a MangerSwingin’ Away in the Manger.3:11
Love Came Down at ChristmasAn old Christmas tune found in an old hymnal. This is an old Irish melody which works very well with recorders.2:00
Break ForthOne of my favorite tunes to sing way back when I was a member of the Chattanooga Boys Choir. This arrangement contrasts the peace of that Light with the hurry-scurry of our day-to-day.4:00
O Word of God IncarnateMusic that dates back to 1693, heard here in a contemplative solo piano setting.4:57
Go Tell ItSeems to me that those people who are going forth to tell it should be pretty happy….2:20
While Shepherds did What?Shepherds weren’t exactly the high society types, and I doubt they were very “proper”. They’d be more jazz and rock roll….. with perhaps a bit of harpsichord thrown in just to be surprising.3:17
Let All Mortal FleshLet all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling stand….. Some quietly thoughtful piano, with more cello by Vadim.4:47
The GiftA medley of Angels from the Realms of Glory, Good Christian Men Rejoice, and Silent Night – all shaken up and stirred in the bucket that is Tom’s brain.4:18
It’s Goodnight, not GoodbyeA Tribute to my Dad. Feasible only because of CHRISTmas [and Easter].4:00
Track List for Tom Rule’s Album It Should Be Called CHRISTmas

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